Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


Thank you to all the wonderful souls who have taken the time to write their beautiful words of thanks and appreciation here. My heart is overjoyed when I read what you have written. To leave a testimonial simply go to the right here below my photo and you can simply fill in the form to leave a testimonial and then it will appear here with all the others, thankyou …

Thank You, thank you, thankyou, 

Erika L Soul



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Client Testimonials — 8 Comments

  1. Richard and Kathy King’s Experiences with the Prosperity Gold Coin and 21 Days Group Money Attunement SRC !!!

    Last week I went to your website to understand better what you do and looked in detail at your 21 Days Group Money Attunement SRC program. I didn’t sign up as I wanted to wait until after today but within 24 hours of this ‘look’ Kathy’s and my business had a significant rush of clients out of the ordinary and out of the blue. The other day I returned and did sign up – you guessed it something happened again within 24 hours – a significant numbers of debtors we have in our business paid their outstanding accounts on top of this we had another totally unexpected financial benefit arrive. So very well done.
    Thanks too for the 3 months 21 Days Group Money Attunement and the extra 8 days in this months 21 Days as a bonus, and the Prosperity Gold Coin. Guess what already in 24 hours the 21 days Group Money Attunement and The Prosperity Gold Coin has already started to work as we have had a significant increase in revenue from our website today!

  2. It was such a blessing to have you point out that I picked 17 as well and I am guided to the energies of star card. The reading and healing session with you Erika L Deutscher was absolutely amazing and I am still flying high! As well as following guidance. Thank you! And I now love this Star card as well. This Session went above and beyond any of my expectations, My energy definitely feels shifted, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Sharon R.

  3. Hi Erika,

    I had a reading with you earlier in this year and I am just now still seeing great results and I just wanted to express my gratitude. You are making a positive difference in the world and I am grateful I found you. Thanks for the email link to the deep pendulum clearing because that has helped me a lot as well. I still have my coin,I never leave home without it and everything else you told me in my reading has been happening or has happened. Again,thank you very much and keep being the kind and loving person you are:)

  4. This past week I asked Erika for healing for my right side where my appendix was. That area got tender and sore again just a few days ago. I thought the worst that if I had to go to the emergency room some medical doctor here in the USA would do harm to me. The only hope I had was to ask Erika for help. After I sent a small donation, Erika responded with her healing results, dowsing. Erika balanced a lot more for me. I cried with joy. "Crying, wonderful sign of emotional release". Erika, thank you so much.

  5. I feel so good that I forget all my ailments before Erika's healings. One of my complaints was that I had a sty on my left eye that never went away after two years or more. I went to an eye doctor and she suggested a warm moist compress several times a day and eye drops but that remedy didn't help. I used homeopathic eye drops but they didn't help either. Thanks to Erika's Soul Enegy Healing I no longer have that sty.

    Erika, thank you ever so much.



  6. My brain was only functioning at 50%. Today I feel it is functioning more fully.

    I had tenderness and bloating in my lower abdoment and that is gone away.

    My left shoulder is feeling much  better. I am able to raised my left arm more freely with much less pain.

    No more pain in my left ear.  

    I feel more humorous and witty. In other words I have gained more of a sense of humor.

    The pain on the top of my left foot is not bothering me lately when I take my exercise walks.

    I am able to see well to read and drive without glasses.

    Erika, thank you for all my healings and blessings.

    • thankyou very much Judy for coming and leaving this feedback, I am glad you are experiencing so much improvement and more joy !!  Judy has had a Health SRC cocktail run for her for the last month or so now and continuing.Judy is also in most of my other group SRC4U cocktails I run for participants in my Soul Energy Healing facebook group and Ho'oponpono Lovers also !!!

  7. This is my testimonial. I have been very blessed to have learn about this Soul Healing Group on Facebook. Erika is the most loving, giving person. I forget what drew me here, all I know is that I needed help. This is so amazing that I can share my list of ailments to Erika and they can be healed. I have become a much better person. Thank you.

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