I Have included 3 types of dowsing, My ownSoul Energy Dowsing,  Deep Pendulum Dowsing,  and Raymon Grace Dowsing. Click thru to each on the following links: Soul Energy Dowsing , immediately below, and  Deep Pendulum Dowsing and Raymon Grace Dowsing on their own page.: 



I offer Soul Energy Dowsing sessions by phone skype or in my healing room at my home in Bayswater North. To find out more about this click here

 My Talk on Dowsing as Guest speaker at the DSV (Dowsing Society of Victoria) 

If you attended my Talk on Dowsing at the Victorian Dowsing Society on Sunday 24th Aug 2014, you can download the talk in MP3 format, and download ALL the Microsoft Word Documents referenced in the talk by Clicking here 

The Victorian Dowsing Societys website is:  CD’s of Talks given at their monhtly meetings are available, but only thru attendance at their meetings. They cost $5 each. Their website has details of their meetings IE location, dates and times.  You can become an Associate member of the DSV for $10 aud a year, which allows you to receive to receive their email newsletter or $15 aud a year to receive it by post in Australia.

Here is an extract of my Talk from the DSV newsletter:

Erika L Soul was very warmly received at out last meeting in August. She clearly inspired many seasoned dowsers with some new thinking and suggestions. People flocked to collect copies of her printouts.

Erika’s experience with working via phone for readings encouraged her to dowse quickly. She’d let her pendulum fly to sort out ill effects from the past, present and future to help those in need.
Erika L Soul spoke about the influence of TyhsonBanighen “Deep Pendulum Clearing” protocol which is available directly online from

Erika talked about how much she’d learned from David & Erina Cowan’s books. Their work is now available in a printed book, “Dowsing Beyond Duality”.

As part of her presentation Erika did some dowsing demonstrations, including work on the Community Centre where the DSV meets. The Committee has worked for some years on the energy of this building which so often reverts to negatives, sometimes resulting in members falling asleep. There was great interest in Erika’s different “take” on it so everyone will be watching (and dowsing) on the improvements with particular interest. (Thanks Erika, Ed.)

Erika shared some wonderful details about what she’d learned from viewing Raymon Grace with Grandmaster David Harris on the DVD “When Dowsing Meets Martial Arts”, available from Raymon’s site. She shared her enthusiasm about Raymon’s dowsing work, his Blueprint for Freedom and his Facebook connections.

Erika introduced us to the concept of using a “Sender Board” to help with Absent healing work. She learned about it in Phillip Smith’s book, “Walking Through Walls”, based on his father Lew Smith who had been a fascinating healer and pendulum dowser.

We also learned about “Memory in the Cells” a book by Luis Angel Diaz which teaches about transforming physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. 

Erika also shared her habit of treating water in cobalt blue glass bottles for an hour in the sun to cleanse memories, something she learned from the ancient Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono.



My first experience  of Energy Dowsing was in 2011 watching Raymon Grace’s ‘Blue Print for Freedom’ video online,  which really interested me and started my Energy dowsing journey. I liked Raymon Grace’s layback style and even though he dressed differently and had a gun this still didn’t put me off. I had come across pendulums and dowsing for answers to questions many years before and had dabbled with this and read up on how to use a pendulum but not with regards to changing energies, clearing programs and so much more. I already had many healing modalities I utilise in my work as a Divine Angel Reader and Energy Healing practitioner, however dowsing was a tool I could use for anything and I was very keen to learn. 

I got a note book and I wrote down my dowsing sessions I was doing for people I knew and clients so I could know when I had done what and could see if things changed . Over time I  have witnessed many changes , some instantly and others over a longer period of time. I bought most of Raymon Grace’s dvds and books and read and watched them all. After reading Raymons books I wanted to find a Dowsing Society and I easily found the Dowsing Socity of Victoria via their website right here in Melbourne, only 20mins away.  Over a period of time I borrowed dowsing books from the library and learned tips and tools for dowsing. I found Dave Cowans ebooks online on dowsing and I found his  manuals to be excellent also. I put a lot of time and energy into my dowsing practice and I often use it with my reading clients and healing sessions. It is an ongoing learning process with dowsing and I improve with my dowsing all the time . There are many wonderful dowers around like Joey Korn, Tyshon Banighen  and other many well known dowsers too, so it is great to discover their work and learn from them also.

I would approach dowsing like I do most healing tools with a let’s see what happens if I do this. The mind can think “ah yes is this for real?” and doubt the process, however after enough practice and positive results, I can manage to ignore the doubts. Dowsing for me takes confidance that I am able to connect with the pendulum and trust what I receive and to have faith in the Divine. I find that when the pendulum is spinning information comes in, and I am guided to check something else or I know something I didn’t realise before the dowsing. 

I like to be clear and put my dowsing into God’s hands so I do a little process before I dowse for anything. I find if I ask a question with my dowsing pendulum it will give me the answer intuitively, first I ask  something like ‘Do you know the answer to this?’, and if it says yes, then I ask if it can tell me. Then I find something comes in that guides me with the answer. 

 I use a range of pendulums some crystal, some brass and some home made ones also, with a gold little spiral cage that you can put some small rounded crystal beads in. I really love pendulums. I love to use dowsing for many things, to change energy, to balance the brain, to clear negative energy, to help others with their challenges, to neutralise ill effects of foods etc etc.  One of my favourite things to dowse for is “What is the effect of (insert whatever I am testing for) upon me?“ Then neutralise it once I have found the percentage.

I facilitate Energy dowsing in my Soul Energy Healing facebook group, like Brain Balance Dowsing sessions, Deep Pendulum Clearing, Clearing Fear and Anxiety , Mystery dowsing and some people have reported good results like feeling clearer and happier. Dowsing continues to assist me in my role as a Energy Healer/Reader and I love it !!!

You can use dowsing for many purposes, to transmute old stuck energy, change beliefs, find out things, check your overall health levels and for any specific  health issue, find lost items, ask questions about anything, improve relationships, heal your home, heal your energy, for  anything basically, even healing animals .

One of my experiments with dowsing is to do secret  dowsing, where the person doesn’t know what is being dowsed for them, and agrees to receive this.  I record what it is I am guided to dowse for them, and then later on I check with them, to see what changes or benefits have occurred for them.

I do in person sessions with dowsing on whatever the person has going on for them or at a distance we can conduct a session and I can give the person the details of their session. We are simply working with energy and using a pendulum or bobber to facilitate this. I hope some of this has been useful for you and thankyou. 

(End of My Journey With Dowsing Interview)


How to have a Dowsing Session with Me

I offer dowsing sessions to the public of 1.5 hours either In Person, By Phone or By Skype.  I conduct the sessions in my Therapy room in my home in bayswater. You can book a session with me by calling me on 03 9729 4972 to make an appointment. If you wish you can prepay for your session via my shopping cart on this page. All the details are there on how to use the cart and details of what a dowsing session entails. 

My Dowsing Protocols

The protocols below have been put together by myself Erika L Soul. At the moment there are 5 different protocols you can use as follows:. 

1 – Brain Balance Healing, 2 – Cord Cutting Macro~Changing Negativity,  3 – Dowsing on Negative States of Being, 4 – Changing Money Flows-Healing Money Protocol, 5. Smoking Protocol


Collated by Erika L Soul

For your body to heal it requires the mind and brain to be functioning well and if the brain isn’t switched on the messages don’t get through to your body so your body heals. I experienced this directly years and years ago I had had some flu or something and could barely walk around at this expo where I was on a stand volunteering and when I lay down for a kinesiology session the lady tested my brain and it wasn’t switched on so my body wasn’t able to get the messages through for getting well again, once she did this I was right as rain and got better straight away. So you see after years of doing healing work on myself and for others this Brain Balance protocol has arisen and mainly from working on balancing my own brain and switching it on if it has switched off from some stress or negative thought or reaction!

I have gathered these brain balance healing items from many sources of the many various healing modalities I utilize and from my own understandings of what the brain needs to function properly I have gathered over the years since 2002 approximately. I started creating this protocol from what I did for myself to have my brain function optimally , over time I added more and more items to the list. I wrote down this list for myself and for anyone else wanting to receive this also and it has developed a life of it’s own now !!!! I love to use this brain healing balance for myself and I am its best guinea pig !! Some of the dowsing items are from Raymon Grace a great Energy dowser I love and learn heaps from and one from Tyhson Banighen’s ‘Deep Pendulum Clearing’ dowsing protocol on his website, which is also excellent. Raymon Grace has a youtube video where he dowses 3 things for the brain, it is called Random Acts of Kindness. Other items are from other healers also and I have reworded a lot of it and some is as they say it also.

For you to receive this Brain balance healing you can say a Most Benevolent Outcome request which I have worded one here for you or dowse this with a pendulum yourself or anything you have you can use as a pendulum, or theta heal it if you are a theta healer , or One Command it if you know the One Command, or simply ask that it be done for you now, or clean all memories causing any problems with your brain functioning and balance with Ho’oponopono!  So you can simply use the healing techniques you know or my suggestions here to have this done anytime you feel off balance, stressed, not yourself or unwell. You can simply dowse each item one at a time also as needed as each of these are what you would dowse for individually also..

This is a new revised updated edition as of September 7th, 2016  by Erika L Soul of Rainbow Healings.  I do new additions from time to time so check in the future if there are new additions. If you want to have this dowsed for you and your brain function checked for how balanced you are simply contact me and we can arrange this which will require a show of appreciation of a donation via my Ecwid shop on my website !!! I have a Soul Energy Healing group on Facebook that I facilitate as an online healing circle which you are welcome to join and you can join a list of names there to receive this regularly. I have created a Brain Balance Healing SRC Cocktail within my SRC4U program with much more added in for healing corrections and energy work, anyone can ask to have their name included and receive this as I run this SRC regularly throughout each month. To be added please  access this via my website SRC4U page and shopcart. I am also available for Energy dowsing and Healing sessions.

 PLEASE NOTE:  You may share this whole document file to others privately as long as you change nothing at all, and do not reword it and leave all links and details included as they are thankyou. Should you wish to upload it online or post it online please ask my permission first and where you want to  post it so I can check it out first thankyou.

 MOST BENEVOLENT OUTCOME ~ you can say anytime for yourself

Guardian Angel, I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for a complete Brain Balance Healing to be facilitated for me fully now, for my physical and etheric brain to be in total balance and harmony, and 100% overall brain health and functioning, and to receive everything in this brain healing protocol that is for my best and highest good right now and continue to keep my brain in this balanced harmonious state for the next 24 hours  and/or for as long as possible now, thank-you.



  1. Heal and Balance the Brain completely.
  2. Hydrate the cells in the brain fully.
  3. Oxygenate the cells in the Brain fully. 
  4. Balance the Blood flow to the brain 100%. 
  5. Balance all Brain chemicals to optimum levels.
  6. Balance my hormone levels to their optimum levels.
  7. Make all electrical activity in the brain in perfect harmony and balance.
  8. Balance  the Blood sugar levels in the body and brain,
  9. Put the brain on its ideal brain wave frequency & maintain it at the most beneficial brainwave frequency in each situation each day.
  10. Balance both the right and left Brain hemispheres.
  11. Brain is switched on !
  12. Whole brain integration.
  13. Improve  Brain functioning to 100%.
  14. Neutralize all ill effects of trauma and stress from any negative thought or emotion or experience on the Brain and body . 
  15. Heal the negative charges on all negative thoughts, emotions, memories in each cell in the physical and etheric brain.
  16. Change all negative/non beneficial thought forms in the conscious and subconscious mind into positive beneficial life enhancing thought forms.
  17. Heal any stress and trauma in every cell of the physical and etheric brain.
  18. Create a calm clear happy bright positive mind and Brain.
  19. Increase recall, memory and organisational abilities.
  20. Reboot, repattern my brain and keep it clear and balanced.
  21. Neutralize, balance, transmute any and all ill effects of EMR on brain and any harmful influence of EMR and electronic devices and change to beneficial energies.
  22. Mind and brain functioning in perfect and divine order.
  23. Raise the Level of love in the brain to 100%. 
  24. Integrated Brain Activation.
  25. Do all Theta Healing commands for the brain that are beneficial now.
  26. Cleanse purify transmute all memories and energies causing any dysfunction or disharmony for the mind and brain now, thank-you..
  27. Put the brain and body on their ideal frequencies for overall harmony and balance.
  28. Balance any detrimental or harmful energies of any kind from anywhere affecting the brain and overall brain functioning and bring healing energies needed to balance the etheric and physical brain.
  29. Neutralise any and all ill effects of mass consciousness and any ill effects of any person on the brains health and functioning in any way.
  30. Cut any and all cords negatively affecting the well being of the persons brain and mental health.
  31. Raise the Energy, Vibration and Life force of the Brain and Body to the highest most beneficial levels now thank-you.
  32. Neutralise any and all ill effects of Low X Energy upon the persons brain, body and their home .
  33. Reset the body, brain mind and emotions by touch and integrate with the BRAIN
  34. Release the brain and body from viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites
  35. Bring the Heart and the Brain into harmony and co-operation and wellbeing.





Here is a Macro I created that you can cut cords with everytime you are aware you are heading down the negative track or are really  triggered and feeling heavy and lost. Simply repeat this prayer out loud and at the end chant any word over and over til the energy stops as in your voice peters out. If you like dowsing with a pendulum simply swing the pendulum as you say this cord cutting Macro. After a while when you are totally familiar with what is in this Macro you can simply ask to cut the cords of this Macro I have named ★Changing Negativity.★ so say outloud ” Cut the cords of ‘Changing Negativity’ thankyou “ you can address this to whoever or whatever you like, Archangel Michael, Guardian  Angels, God, Divine Spirit, Higher Self !  


Love and Light Beings, Please CUT any and all cords across all lifetimes time space and dimensions of : negativity, negative emotions, negative thoughts, all addiction to negativity, all negative habits, all attraction to negativity, all attraction of negativity, any negative energetic patterns, resisting what is and what isn’t, negative resistance in the body, any ill effects of mass consciousness’s negativity, negative influences from anywhere or anyone, hating and resisting negativity, fearing negativity, negative vibrations and frequencies, all ill effects of negative thinking and negative emotions on my brain and body, all that is blocking my natural state of happiness, negative thought forms, feeling vulnerable to negativity, wanting protection safety security, feeling unsafe, inner conflict, battling with self, negative entities, negative charges on thoughts and feelings emotions stored within as memories, negating self, negative states, negative forces, self criticism and self judgement, unforgiveness, all going against the flow of the Divine, any control and power issues, all disowning myself, negative self defeating beliefs, negative mindsets, resisting or fearing negative people, joining others negativity to fit in, self sabotage and self destruction, judging negativity, negative expectations, negative projections, using negativity to bomb positive loving energy, fearing negative forces or negative power, bad moods, anger, fear, shame, any and all distractor implants, giving away your power, fearing the dark side, fearing darkness, fearing my own dark side, self rejection, fearing separation from others and/or God, taking on others negativity or negative states, fearing loss of others, fearing abandonment and rejection, negative thinking and feelings being our comfort zone, all using negativity as a shield from love, with all that is stopping me from being the Love I truly be, all that stops me from aligning with the Divine and my True state of being Love, all separation from myself and God, knowing I am always protected and secure in Gods worlds,Thanks Be, please heal and transmute all energies into pure Divine Love, chanting LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE.


3. Dowsing on Negative states of being:

 We ask to neutralise any and all negative non beneficial thought forms affecting us right now and change these into the highest purest thoughts aligned with the Divine. WE ask to bring all non beneficial energies influencing us right now into the Light and Sound of God healing them and blessing them all. We ask that our whole being resonate with pure Divine Love, Truth and JOY

We ask to neutralise any and all ill effects of mass consciousness affecting ANY OF US right now and all those around us past present and future thankyou.

 We now ask to neutralise the negative effects of any low energy (X) upon all those in this thread with their name saying yes thankyou, their homes and family.

 We ask to neutralise the negative effects of the surrounding area upon US, our homes and family.”

 We ask to scramble any harmful frequencies affecting anyone of US here and adjust them to pure Love.

 We raise OUR vibrations to the Divine and Healing Level and free US from any and all negative energies that inhabit OUR BODIES. WE send them back to the proper plane to free them from attachment. AND IT IS DONE 


4. CHANGING MONEY FLOWS Healing Money Protocol

 We ask to raise your levels of prosperity, increase your income, attract more money, raise the level of prosperity in your home, enjoying money, have more peace with money, create a healthy relationship with money, have good money management, be open and receptive to new avenues of income, follow inner guidance that brings financial blessings, bring new benefical opportunities, having joy and fun with money, release money with joy and it returns to you a thousand fold, DIVINE MONEY MIRACLES, use your money wisely judiciously and constructively, have a very healthy good bank balance, financial independence, we call in Prosperity and Abundance Angels, Cut all cords of the Wealth and Prosperity Prayer Macro, clear all resistance to having plenty of money, clear blocks to abundance money and success, clear all you have taken on via your family and past lineage with money, discreate all distractor implants controlling you with money, neutralise negative energetic patterns connected to money, neutralise all ill effects of mass consciousness around fear with money, clear all fear of lack of money, clear all worry about money, be in the flow of money and being friends with money, raise your energy and life force to the highest level now, raise your self esteem and clearing all blocking your natural high self esteem, a Benevolent Monetary Outcome, open your receiving channels to money and prosperity, celebrate money and have full gratitude for what ever amount of money you have, trust and faith you will always have whatever you need whenever you need it, financial blessings, receive all the blessings and Energy of the Prosperity Gold Coin, Manifest Magnificent Money Miracles, Money Angels find you money and bring money to you, follow your bliss, Money follows JOY, bring you into the energy and vibration of money~ wealth~ prosperity, vibrate to the frequency of your vortex, keep your focus always on Love ~ Happiness ~ Peace, align to your true source of wealth, have financial wellbeing now.

You can also say a Most Benevolent Outcome for this protocol or dowse this with a pendulum, or say it as a prayer or cut cords with all of this, whatever is the best way for you to do this and you can change the wording to your preferences.


5. SMOKING Protocol

1. Ask to clear the results of smoking from the body.

2. Ask that the desire for smoking be removed or steadily lessened over the next month.

3. Ask to remove all toxic conditions from the body

4. Invite the nature spirits back to the body to optimum levels and make a promise to them and to yourself that you will work hard to keep your body free of toxins so they will stay.

 scrambling the frequency and cutting physic cords can be beneficial

Scramble the frequencies of smoking addiction and neutralise this completely and do all Raymon Grace would do to dowse on smoking

Energise the persons body and water in body with the intention to release smoking and all habits and desires for smoking now

Check six energy epidemics and adjust all out of balance to be in perfect balance and harmony now and  ask that the body be adjusted to original blue print for life.

* I would check how emotionally dependent the person is on smoking , and clear emotional dependency on smoking and all causes

* check if they have a gene for smoking and ask to remove it from the DNA, 

* also check their dependency level on the habit and clear this also

* check their nicotene dependency levels and adjust to 0, 

* check for overall smoking habit level , 

* and check resistance level to giving it up and neutralise any resistance

* clear all judgement they have of themselves for smoking

* also check for trapped emotions how many that are linked to smoking and what age they became trapped and then clear them with dowsing or with the emotion code process

* do Raymon Grace’s remove the emotions from the thoughts feelings memories etc that are adversely affecting them with regards to smoking ,

* you could check how many times they need a dowsing session done to be all cleared too, it may be 1 to 10 or more  , we ask that this process continue til all levels are clear on smoking 

* also check the addiction level they are on each time you do the dowsing for smoking and the overall level they are at with it as an issue for them and adjust this to zero for them 

* and ask what is the percentage of the cause of smoking on the emotional , physical, mental , causal and spiritual levels to see where the highest percentage of the cause is and clear that too. 

* and neutralise all ill effects of smoking on their health and wellbeing 

* you can also ask the person how is this serving you? what is the worst thing about smoking and what do you love about smoking ?

* find out what is the real why they have for smoking and why do they want to give up, keep asking why do you want to quit til you get to the bottom why.

* clear all judgement/beliefs they have that smoking is bad and will harm them and make it so that cigarettes are neutral or beneficial for them 

* ask how much of their desire is theirs or someone else’s they took on and clear that,

* check if they resisted and/or reacted to others smoking in their past that they then became smokers and clear that too , 

* clear all possible unknown causes of smoking they may have  

* check for attachment to smoking and clear that  too

* ask how willing are they to give up smoking and how resistant they are and clear all resistance 

* Check for imprinting of the drug nicotene and all chemicals in cigarettes on their system and ask to clear that

* Teach their body and their mind etc how to live without smoking, how to be without smoking how to exist without smoking so they know how to live in a new paradigm

* whose desire is it to smoke their own or an entities or someones else’s, return to original sender all desire for smoking not theirs with ten thousand fold consciousness attached thankyou…

* see if their body is ready to give up the smoking and check for unforgiveness and resentment towards self for smoking and all negativity with smoking that they have and clear that from them

* forgive self for harming body and release unforgiveness

* ask for all their points of view about smoking and cigarettes to be destroyed and uncreated and destroy and uncreate their whole relationship with smoking and cigarettes

* clear all the stuff they have picked up from others judgements towards them i.e. like neutralise all ill effects of mass consciousness on smoking etc

* say I Request  a Most Benevolent Outcome for giving up smoking with ease joy and glory to your Guardian Angel  


If you have the SRC4U software program then you can also

•           run SRC4U SOX Smoking cocktail in SRC window.

               Use Dowsing tool of SRC P3 for smoking and using list above

•           Nei Gong Hwa Jing technique physically or in SRC as a tool

•           Add all of the above to SRC cocktail 

•           Use pro tools and any other tools that there are in the src4u P3