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Here is the Deep Pendulum Clearing protocol by Tyhson Banighen. I have posted this on my website for people to access it and even print it out and use it for themselves. All information is included for how to utilise it and also extra info and links to increase your understanding of this Dowsing Protocol. This Clearing is one I utilise all the time for myself and my clients, family, home, and in my work. I love it and the benefits of  dowsing it and in the beginning it took me some time to fully connect and work with this Clearing and now I can instantly Clear with it. .I have many experiences of working with this Deep Clearing and what I pick up when I clear with it. So see if its something you can work with as a wonderful Clearing tool

I have been dowsing with this Deep Pendulum Clearing for many years and I dowse a person to see how clear they are and then I dowse the Clearing protocol for the person. I have a Group Deep Pendulum Clearing SRC cocktail ( see my SRC4U page)  that I run for many people and places regularly that you may sign up for. I also run this Deep Pendulum Clearing for my Soul Energy Healing facebook group often and there is a sign up doc file in the group you can join. If you want to receive this ongoing Group Energy Clearing you can join up via my website and I suggest giving an Agreed Payment amount [via my shopcart Click Here ] and select Dowsing as the service  and request to be put on my list to receive this Deep Pendulum Clearing on an ongoing basis . If you want this Clearing to be dowsed for you and your home and family or any place you may book a session with me over the phone, in person or have this dowsed via Distance Energy Dowsing, for this simply book a Dowsing Session with me Erika L Soul Click Here. I can help you with questions and learning how to utilise this in your life and teach you how to dowse also. Tyhson has all his info below and you can book in with him and have him work with you directly also, and he offers alot of other services also.

Updated October 31st, 2015  Tyhson Banighen’s Website :

Here is a free video of Tyhson Banighen dowsing the whole protocol via a video that you can download for free or simply watch via his website or on Youtube anytime:

Here is a Dowsing chart for The Deep Pendulum Clearing so you can dowse for which numbered items you specifically need and to show when you are done also. Here is the link which is on Tyhson’s website  !!!

Here is my( Erika L Soul’s) Brain Balance Dowsing protocol on Tyhsons website :

Here is an Interview on mp3 in which Tyhson talks in depth about this Deep Pendulum Clearing and I found it very helpful in understanding this protocol and how to use it :

If you want to watch the video and follow along. Then click Click Here  so you can watch the video and read at the same time. To download the text of Deep Pendulum Clearing as a file Click Here  so that you can sign up to receive the Pdf file and the charts etc on his website.


Deep Clearing Protocol (Updated October 31st, 2015)

Before proceeding check with your pendulum on a scale of 0 to 100% with 100% indicating that your bio-energy field (auric field) is closed and clear of all outside influences. The statement is show me on a percentage scale of open is my energy field. If you do not know how to do percentages with a pendulum then I highly recommend that you take the More than a Beginner’s Dowsing Course on the Academy web site www.Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy . If you are 50% or more open to outside influences then I suggest you request an Exorcism of Possession before proceeding. If your bioenergy field is less than 50% open to outside influences then proceed to clear yourself and close your bio-energy field by spinning the pendulum counterclockwise.

While spinning your pendulum (or rotating your index finger) counterclockwise state the following invocation aloud with a strong voice:

In my Holy Name, I declare I am love and light and only love and light. I undertake this action throughout the multidimensional levels of my being and throughout all time, space and dimensions both known and unknown. As I clear myself I clear my family, my loved ones and my lineage. I undertake this Deep Pendulum Clearing as a benevolent act, and I delete and release, and request the assistance of Prime Creator (fill in with what you relate to such as God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron etc.) to delete, release, and remove all non-beneficial energies, chords, attachments, intrusions, elementals, discarnates, deceased souls, the deceased soul(s) of (fill in blank), demons, reptilians, intrusions, alterations, black magic entities; all karmic entities, all extraterrestrial entities, devices, and implants; all guards, seals, astral beings, all thought programs possessing awareness, all emotional programs possessing awareness, all survival-based self-programming, all devices and implants from any source, all implanted negative thoughts, all unrecognized self-serving setups, all brainwash techniques and monarch butterfly brainwash techniques, all professional sorcery, all implanted instructions to not remember the violations, all violations, and all self-gratification of predator, alterations from any and all sources, whether from beings or from any or all other life forms that have entered my aura, my consciousness, sub-conscious or unconscious mind or physical brain to be now removed off the earth plane, and translated, transformed, transmuted and transfigured throughout all levels and layers of reality into their right place, nonintrusive (harmonious) frequencies of Light.
I translate, transmute, heal and repair all words, deeds and trauma induced actions related to the inappropriate male or female desire to dominate, have power over and to subjugate the sacred divine feminine or masculine principle including but not limited to the following: sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, molestation, incest, rape plus inappropriate fondling, touching and pornography. I translate, transmute, heal and repair and remove from my body all rape encoded DNA and their non-beneficial frequencies that continue to attract sexual predators. I take back my personal power NOW and I honor the scared divine feminine and masculine within me.
In addition, I delete and release, and request Lord God and the heavenly hosts to delete, release, and remove all instructions, self-instructions, guidance, advice, opinions, judgments, rejections, shaming, grief, humiliations, rage, fear, isolation, powerlessness, promises of love & acceptance, and threats on my survival, from loved ones, trusted ones, parents, healers, therapists, authority figures which are not in God’s truth, not for my highest good, and not from 100% pure divine light, and from all others sources whether from beings or from any or all other life forms that have entered my aura, my consciousness, sub-conscious or unconscious mind or physical brain including but not limited to the following:

Now dowse to determine which of the numbers below are appropriate for you or your client’s situation, but always include 55 through to the end. If you are not sure do them all. If you want to request a Deep Clearing be done for you or want assistance to determine which numbered statements are relevant to you situation then phone Tyhson toll free in North America at 1-866-369-7464.

1. All egoistic beliefs and thought forms that bind me to the illusion of duality and to the Piscean Age of Darkness.
2. All attachments, core fractures, unresolved issues or false beliefs that produce pain, suffering, shame, guilt, inadequacy, illness or any other emotions that drains my bio-energy field.
3. All implants in around or through the multi-dimensional aspects of my body and chakras.
4. All programs of revenge and retribution running in this or any other lifetime from any and all sources.
5. All non-beneficial government and alien technologies.
6. All containment fields used by any source including reptilians.
7. All hooks from any and all sources.
8. All programs, networks and installations form all non-beneficial sources include but not limited to governments, ETs, reptilians, shadows and their minions.
9. All holographic non beneficial inserts such as Artificial Hierarchies of Light or of the Dark, Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels, Helpers, Gurus etc.
10. All mind grids, plugins and any or all negative min d control agents or technologies or programs from ETs, their overlords, agents or minions.
11. Any and all foreign objects, inserts, frequencies, aspects that are in, around or through my being.
12. All intercessors, holographic inserts between myself and Prime Creator.
13. All non-beneficial pre-soul life agreements, vows or contracts that I may have taken or agreed to in this or any other lifetime.
14. All illnesses, injuries, illusion of aging, discordant or false beliefs or non-beneficial energies inherited from my soul group, my family of origin, my adopted family or from my matriarchal or patriarchal lineages.
15. All false inherited, cultural, religious or societal belief systems or false expectations regarding personal power, money and sex such as you have to work hard for a living, nothing comes easy, and without hard work you won’t succeed in life.
16. Any and all illusions, false beliefs or conditioning from any and all sources that results in pain, suffering, psychic attacks, illness, or programs of self-sacrifice or martyrdom.
17. All programs from any and all sources including books, manuals or teachings that if followed do not result in the most benevolent outcome for all concerned.
18. All non-beneficial programs, beliefs, inserts, karmic links from any sexual encounters.
19. All fears, pain, doubts, old belief systems, vows, cording, knotting, dark entities & alien implants or any other type of attacks or interrupters that ultimately may alter or have altered my DNA.
20. All programs, blocks and interferences on every level and layer of my being.
21. All intercessors, middle men, traffickers of my body or intrusion from this or any source into the multidimensional levels of my being.
22. All firewalls, looping time cycles of interference, holographic inserts, unauthorized software or other downloads or reboots, defragmentation, viruses and any and all fail safe mechanism that prevent healing and wholeness.
23. All mind grids.
24. All dark entity crystals and anything that holds them in place from clearing
25. All damage to organs and glands and DNA and RNA mitochondria and trailers
26. All mold, bacteria and infection
27. All contracts or karmic vows such as Masonic, Freemason or any other vows or false beliefs that bind the heart, mind, body or soul, commitments, agreements or pre soul or over soul life agreements that are not sourced from 100% pure light.
28. All holds from any and all sources or structures known and unknown including but not limited to government, satanic, negative reptilian or negative ETs.
29. All non-beneficial curses, voodoo, hexes or vows.
30. All links, cross links, connections, attachments, energy hooks, energy links, energy drains or any and all connections used to send fear to me
31. All hardware and software and trafficking equipment
32. All non-beneficial fusing agents
33. All toxic heavy metals
34. All non-beneficial robotic energies and entities
35. All diabolic infestations and spores
36. All infections and diseases.
37. All psychic back doors or any and all entry points. I hereby assign guardians of 100% pure light to protect and keep all gates closed and clear of interference and infiltration.
38. I hereby cancel all negative systems, feedback loops, backups, firewalls running in around or through the body, its energy fields, multidimensional realities or the original soul or incarnational blueprints or matriarchal or patriarchal lineages.
39. I request and grant myself Karmic Absolution with the assistance of the Karmic board of 100% pure light.
40. All false destruct universes such as the Annu grid and Annu shield.
41. All negative collective consciousness or hive mentalities from any and all sources including but not limited to the Orion Galaxy.
42. All pins needles and darts and infections.
43. All toxic streams of energy off mind, body, spirit, soul and all gates and endocrine system.
44. All cords, hooks, soul ties, psychic ties from the multi-dimensional levels of my being including but not limited to the etheric, astral, emotional, mental, physical bodies, chakras, subtle bodies and in-between subtle bodies.
45. All Annunaki/Hybrid Matrixes, from all satanic realms, from all False Hierarchy of Light, from all robotic energies and entities from all non-beneficial beings known and unknown connected to the psychic realm and all realms and programs and networks associated with any of that all links and cross links that are not from sources of 100% pure light.
46. All blocks to direct permanent healing
47. All links, crosslinks, talons, hooks, energy drains from sinister forces
48. All discarnate and implant technology.
49. All concepts of disease, suffering and poverty, chastity, obedience, sacrifice or martyrdom as being a necessary part of my path back to the light
50. All non-beneficial uses of jump gates, time travel, transporter technology, teleportation, magic, dimensional travel, resonance travel, walk through walls technology, implant technology, sleep ray technology, radionics, witness wells, remote viewing capability and QXCI.
51. All non-beneficial senders, fractional sender, reverse fractal sender, living machine sender, living fractal machine sender, or reverse fractal living machine senders so that I cannot receive any programs, downloads, negative content, to me or my children, family of origin, adopted family, soul family or my matriarchal or patriarchal lineages.
52. All Controllers, Handlers, sub-handlers and mischiefs and military controllers, military handlers or by any other name known or unknown.
53. All conscious/unconscious, known/unknown, deliberate/inadvertent programs, wiring, implants, memories, memories of powerlessness + life threats, thought forms, thought form entities possessing awareness, emotional programs possessing awareness, all survival –based self-programming, all mind control, triggers, threats, professional sorcery , all unrecognized setups based on self-gratification, all deliberate desire to cause harm for self-gratification, all monarch programming, all implanted instructions to not remember the violations, and all associations to the word, thought or memory of the word “fear” from this life and all previous lives and future lives, from the inception of my soul to the present time
54. All attempts to mind-read, gang stalk, remote view or interfere with precognition or telepathy and all attempts to harass me.
55. All magical and deceptive devices including sorcery, spells, curses, black magic, bad medicine, family curses, prehistoric curses, voodoo, shamans, hexes, incantations, any negative influences from witches, vampires, demons, monsters, wizards, and stealers, liars, tricksters, shape shifters, false prophets, rulers, overlords, and any and all others that would block or divert me on my path back to the light.
56. All limitations that would prevent my DNA from full activation including but not limited to the following: chemtrails, HARP, karmic cords, ties or attachments, electronic barriers, technical devices, deception matrices, project double mirror, negative carrier waves or mind control frequencies delivered on Radio, Shortwave, TV signals, AC/DC, microwave or on any other inhibiting frequencies known or unknown, any transferred or implanted digressive genetic codes, crystal gene matrix distortions, out of sequence genetic codes, aggressive karmic genetic imprints, contaminated genetic codes, holographic inserts, unwanted implants and magical intentions and all non-beneficial devices, toxins, mind melts, energy field dampeners, Borg technology that allow attractor fields, holes in the aura, life drain spells, non-beneficial scalar technology, distorted reality agreements, inappropriate manufactured dimensional bodies, ability blocking devices, harmful Wernicke’s[i] commands. With all Wericke’s commands and all devices from any and all sources, I first remove al bobby traps, I deactivate the Wernicke commands and then I permanently remove them.
57. I also revoke all non-beneficial seals, covenants or vows that I may have taken in this or any other past life, on this or on any other space, time or dimension.
58. I release all curses I may have made or any curses direct to me.
59. All negative energies attached to master number activations such as 11-11 and 12-12, etc. or any inhibiting frequencies as well as any and all other DNA genetic dampening devices from any origin including my soul group, my contacts, church and religion, race, state, country, family, planet, rulers and governments, solar system, galaxy, and universe and any and all alternative universes, planets, worlds, in this or any other time, space or dimensions or in this or any other lifetime or multidimensional reality that would inhibit the full activation of my DNA, the development of my crystal gene matrix structure and my light body.
60. I instruct my subconscious mind, my heart, my cell memory, cell DNA, and spirit mind memory to instantly and immediately delete and release all instructions, mind control programs, guidance, advice, suggestions, commands, orders, opinions, judgments, rejections, grief, humiliations, shaming, all powerlessness, all isolation, all survival-based self-programming, all separation from God, all promises of love and acceptance, and threats on my survival from loved ones, trusted ones, healers, therapists, parents, authority figures, and myself which are not in God’s truth, and not for my highest good.
61. I give my cells permission to release any and all non-beneficial energies held in their genetic code or matrixes that may have been derived from any space, time, or dimension either know or unknown that are not in God’s truth, and not for my highest good.
62. And in conclusion, and in my Holy Name, with the assistance of Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Father God, Mother Mary, and the heavenly host, I now revoke and deny permission for any and all non-beneficial intrusions into my energy fields from any and all sources including my own negative survival self-programming, and I remove all stated any other not yet stated non-beneficial thought forms and energies in, around or through my being. I do so throughout all time space and dimensional matrices, both known or unknown, including deleting all original causes, core beliefs, and past and present life traumas and effects.
63. I remove all infection, and I bring all healing crisis associated with these actions to a successful conclusion such that I am pain free and any damage is now fully repaired.
64. I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I declare it so. So be it. It is done. Thank you. Amen.

Now spin the pendulum counterclockwise and state out loud.

With the assistance of Prime Creator, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Holy Spirit, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary, I translate, transmute, transform, and transfigure, heal and repair all that I have stated, and replace it with Prime Creator’s love, light and tone. I call one soul – heal here and now – and I retrieve, heal and repair any and all aspect of my fragmented soul. I am now reborn anew in this moment. I ask for assistance to create Elohim shields of protection, cosmic swat team and masters of light. I invoke the Law of One. I declare I am not a victim. I am a sovereign being. I now create a new reality, and I invoke this reality into this now moment with each every breath, word deed and act that I take. With this breath and each subsequent breath I take full control of my life with each right thoughts, words, deed and action. I encapsulate, and I ask Lord God, Lord Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Holy Spirit, and Mother Mary to encapsulate all non-beneficial energies, entities or beings, and send them back to the light. I hereby close, seal, and permanently lock all inter-dimensional gates and doorways or any other intrusions into my energy field, multidimensional realities, chakras and soul blueprint or my present incarnation, or any other blueprint that is not 100% of the pure light. I locate all missing soul parts from this life and all past lives from the beginning of time. I cleanse, heal and repair them with the Light, and integrate them back into my being. I clamp the cords to any soul parts that cannot at this time be fully cleansed, repaired, brought back and integrated at this time. I clean, heal, repair and shield my soul with the violet light of St. Germain (100% of the divine light). I clear, rebooted, re-patterned and balance my brain. My DNA and all levels of my energetic being are in harmony and balance with my original blue print.  With each Deep Clearing I undertake, I spiritually cleanse myself, with the result being that my protection level is increased such that my auric field repels all psychic attacks or repossession attempts. I fill the void with sixth dimensional or higher energies. I now grant love, forgiveness and freedom to any and all including myself if I participated in inhibiting my or others DNA activation or obstructed my own or others soul paths. In addition, I now call in the higher dimensional energies to translate, transmute, transform and transfigure, anchor, repair, purify, assemble, and activate my DNA and genetic structure to the full limit of what my body, energy structures, soul matrices and over souls can hold in each moment. I grant myself the full memory of all lifetimes, and the remembrance of the purpose and the work for which I have come to planet earth. In my Holy Name, I declare it so. So be it. It is done. Thank you. I love you, I thank you, I am sorry. Forgive me. And so it is. Amen.

Now check on a scale of 0 to 100% with 100% being clear of any intrusions to see how clear you are. If you are not 100% then clear yourself again. Sometimes it takes 3 times to fully clear. The above wording can be placed in a plastic sleeve. On the reverse side or on another piece of paper list all persons, things or places that you would like to clear each time you clear yourself. You can learn how to place this sheet under your paper radionics chart and broadcast it 365/24/7. A copy of the radionics chart and explanation can be found in the Dowsing Manual as part of the on-line More Than a Beginners Dowsing Course available at www.Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy. The dowsing manual and accompanying DVD set can be ordered and downloaded here. Ask Archangel Michael, Saint Germain and your Light Team to please assist you in taking care of this clearing request and then express gratitude that it has been done. To set the clearing intent in your energy field it is best initially to do a Deep Clearing at least once a day for three weeks then use the short form (in red below) for 3 weeks and then you can use the word “clear” and it will have the same clearing action as doing the full Deep Clearing long or the short form below.

Deep Clearing Short Form:

To clear anything in your field use the following wording while spinning the pendulum counterclockwise to clear non beneficial energies:
I transmute, translate, transfigure remove heal and repair from my energy field all original causes, core beliefs and effects related to the following (now fill in the blank with the non-beneficial energies what you want to clear) and with the assistance of Archangel Michael, his heavenly host, my spirit guides, spirit doctors and guardian angels, I undertake this action throughout all the multi-dimensional levels of my being and throughout all time space and dimensional matrices both known or unknown. I love you, I am sorry. Please forgive me. I declare it is so. So be it. It is done. Thank you. Let the pendulum stop spinning and come to rest which is neutral.
Now fill the void you have created with positive energy by spinning the pendulum clockwise and state,
I now fill this void with the assistance of Archangel Michael, his heavenly host, my spirit guides, spirit doctors and guardian angels with 6th dimensional energies or higher of love, light and tone (fill in the blank with what you additionally want to fill the void with and end with)I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I declare it is so. So be it. It is done. Thank you
Now I suggest you establish a trigger point on your body. For example, when I touch my finger to my third eye I undertake and complete a deep clearing.

Quantum K – In addition I suggest using the Quantum K to assist us to return to our original blueprints I also suggest using the accompanying manual.
The wording of this deep clearing is combined from many sources including Richard Coutts, a Master Dowser. I thank Archangel Michael, St. Germain and all those seen and unseen forces of light that work with us to clear all space time and all other dimensions know or unknown of all be – lie – fs that separate us from the realization that we are all one in Spirit.
Thank you for clearing the planet of its trauma one person at a time starting with yourself. Please consider making a donation to continue this clearing work by clicking this link Namasta
Tyhson Banighen, the energy detective clears your blocks to health, wealth and happiness

© 2015 T.B. Enterprises All rights reserved. You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address. Tyhson Banighen M.A. Energy Detective, Dowser, Exorcist, Diviner and Geomancer Tel. (250) 835-8236 Cell (250) 803-2480 Toll Free in North America 1-866-369-75464



This Deep Clearing Protocol is update twice a year based on feedback and suggestions made by those that use it and when I am gifted with more information and knowledge about the wording and use of the Deep Clearing

[i] Words that are self-sabotaging are stored in specific areas in the right side of the brain called “the Wernicke’s area.” The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though someone said them: “You won’t remember.” The brain tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as “I won’t remember.” This command then interferes with the person. Other examples of such commands are, “you’ll never change.” You’re not good enough.” You’ll go to Hell.” You’re stupid.” You’ll never make it.” You can get rid of these with kinesiology using repatterning as your body will know the exact command in order to remove it.


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