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Healing Recordings for Downloading

On this page I have a Healing Recordings package of 45 mp3’s avalable for purchase, and another single 1 hour 20 min “Heal your Love Life” mp3 recording also available for purchase. The remainder of the recordings on this page are available for free to listen to and download.   I do have more recordings uploaded  on Sound cloud, which are available below. If you download the “Soundcloud” app to your device or phone, you may listen to these recordings anywhere anytime.

If you wish to make a donation for these free recordings, simply click the Donate for my Healing Recordings link below to make a donation. 

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Purchase all 45 of my MP3 recordings to Download

This is a package of most of the MP3 recordings I have made. There are currently 45 individual MP3 tracks and a total of over 15 Hours of  healing recordings in this package.

Over time more tracks will be added to this package. (the “Healing your Love Life Full Session” avail for separate purchase below, has already been added to this package).

I have used various modalities in these recordings, including Ho’oponopono, the One command, Aformations, theta healing and others. The tracks included are listed in the shopping cart, when you click the “Click here to go to the shopping cart to purchase this package” link below

This package allows you to download each mp3 file of the above recordings.

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Erika L Soul’s “Healing Your Love Life Full Session” mp3 recording

Thiserikanewsmall is a a new  Soul Energy Healing Audio Recording with Erika L Soul doing a LOVE LIFE HEALING SESSION. It is an hour and 20mins in length, and it is a full Soul Energy Healing session, with me for your love life, your relationship with All of LIFE, all your ex’s, your current partner, your lack of love life, etc etc.

I have facilitated this session using many healing tools and shared much of my teaching and guidance that I give my clients. I have included my Healing Love Relationships Cord Cutting Macro and some of the AccessCLearings I wrote. 

 It is available for purchase through my shopping cart via the link below for $20.  

NOTE: This recording is also INCLUDED in the “Healing Recording Package” above

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Grow Wealthy While Asleep Recording:by Erika L Soul

This 6min Mp3 recording is made with transformative statements that work with your subconscious mind so that while you are asleep the changes and creativity are manifested  and you then act from these directions when awake. You can say these statements silently or aloud anytime you want your Creative Mind/Higher self to resolve things for you while you relax. This is one of my favourite recordings.

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I now have a huge selection of my Audio Recordings on soundcloud which is a great music and audio track player and I have an unlimited paid account so that I can upload all of my recordings with no limits. Any donations I receive offsets my costs of this yearly subscription and all costs of doing this work and running a website. So thankyou to all who can give a donation.

You can listen to these soundcloud recordings from this page and you can get yourself the soundcloud app for your tablet or smartphone also. I do love soundcloud its great. Here are 3 playlists of my Healing Recordings I have created.

My *Soul Energy Healing* Playlist on Soundcloud:

This is a playlist of some audio recordings of mine that I created for self healing and they are very good for shifting and changing negative energies and helping you to vibrate at a much better level in a clearier happier state.


My Ho’oponopono Cleaning Playlist on Soundcloud:

These are some of my own Ho’oponopono cleaning audio’s I have created, my wish is that these are a blessing to you and aide you in becoming free and happy in your own Divinity.


Most Benevolent Outcomes Healing Recording and Transcript

This is my Most Benevolent  Outcomes Healing Recording. To find out more about Most Benevolent  Outcomes (MBO’s), Click Here to go to my Most Benevolent  Outcomes page (opens a new window)  The Transcript of the recording (in a MS Word DOC file) , showing each MBO in the recording, is also available to download below. This  recording is by Erika L Soul.
Right Click the link below and select “save target as” to download the MP3 Audio:
Right Click the link below and select “save target as” to download the Transcript File:


This new one hour recording is one that I created and has much energy work and money clearings and more on it. Some energy dowsing, access clearings and great stuff is here for you to enjoy….

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Clearing Wonderful Stuff

Energy Clearing Recording:

Mirroring-Clearing- Attractor Field. This 7minute Mp3 recording is for clearing  your energy field of any and all negative energies, and to place you in a calm and centered state. Within the recording are energy clearing statements and Ho’oponopono cleaning words. Helps you deal with difficult people. Releases fears, negative patterns , trauma, and brings in Divine Love and aligns you to positive and Blessed energies. It has very relaxing music in the background.Simply listen and drift off into a more peaceful clear state. This  recording is  by Erika L Soul.
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✿ MONEY ACTIVATION MBO✿♥ Divine Angel of my Higher Self

I request a divine Most Benevolent Outcome for a Divine Energy Process to download right now for me that clears and resolves any ongoing financial challenges and problems I have, any and all financial limitations I have and for this to be an ongoing Energy Process that restores my financial wellbeing, happiness, joy, trust and faith in an abundant supply of money at all times and that this Energy process raises my consciousness to the level of Prosperity and Wealth Consciousness in perfect ways for my life and wellbeing, and for this Divine healing Process for my finances to keep increasing my financial wealth, my energy and my level of gratitude and appreciation for all the Blessings and Money that I do have and receive Daily. I ask that this creates a MONEY VORTEX that I am continually being attuned into on a daily basis. I ask that this Divine Process discreates all false beliefs, programs and opinions about money I have taken on from anyone, anywhere,anytime and continously transmutes all negative emotions I have around money work and income, clearing all resistance to having money and not having money, bringing me into the truth of Energy and Money. I ask that I completely Bust Loose from the Money Game surpassing Phase 2. I ask that all of this occur with Ease Joy and Glory for me at all times. May the Results of this exceed all my Expectations, hopes and dreams. Download and Install this latest and greatest healing technology for clearing Money problems for me right now, that clears and resolves all my stuff with money once and for all, bringing total peace ease and Clarity with MONEY, Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
:★::★::★: :★::★::★: :★::★::★: :★::★::★: :★::★::★: :★::★::★: :★::★::★:
INSTRUCTIONS :★: Read this and take it in and then say it with intent and energy and open up to receiving this process downloading as you say it and then come back and do it again if you want to reinforce it for yourself until you can accept this fully. You can ask for a healng symbol to come to confirm it is downloaded and ongoing for you. The Healing Symbol that validates this process and anchors it for each person is a *Phoenix Rising from the Ashes* so this may show up for you in some way as an image of a Phoenix, the word Phoenix, or a statue or in a movie or dream or however it comes to you ! You can choose a different symbol for you individually of course.
I have also set this up to work with each person energetically as they read and say it and intend to receive it as I have facilitated this to be an easy process to receive via this MBO. It is a cocreation with you, the Divine, the written words of this MBO and intention, and my facilitation of this.


Money from Anywhere Recording:

My husband Michael made this mp3 recording from a set of affirmations that Linda Miller posted to the Hooponoponofriends Yahoo group. The affirmations are recorded over some very relaxing music and are repeated for the length of the track, which is approx 38 minutes. Below in bold are the statements on the recording

 Right Click the link  and select “save target as” to download: 
Linda Millers Post
As I was falling asleep last night I kept hearing in my head, “Money can come from anywhere,” and I felt I was to deliver this message to you,perhaps when you need to hear it most.. 
Money Can Come To You From Anywhere. Most of us think we know where our money comes from and even where money could possibly come from.Right?
We think of our job where we are paid a certain amount per hour and we think of a second job where we could be paid additional amounts in exchange for more hours.
We think of a home business where we earn commissions based on our efforts
We think of winning the lottery.
We think of receiving an inheritance.
We think of finding money on the street… or in an old coat pocket… or in the bottom of the sofa. There are other ways we think money comes to us. ALL of these ways were suggested to us by someone else. It is what we were taught as we were growing up. They have become our beliefs because we simply choose to believe them.
WHAT IF we now LET GO of our limiting beliefs about how money can come to us?
WHAT IF we now open ourselves to the possibilities that “Money can come from anywhere?”
WHAT IF we now consciously CHOOSE to believe that “Money can come from anywhere?”
How would that FEEL? So, how do we do that? 
Let go.  Choose.  Believe.  Before we can receive anything in our lives we must be “open to receiving.”
So, I offer to you a few affirmations you can write and say or sing or think as often as possible to change your mindset and ALLOW  money to come to you from anywhere. 
Write and say them MANY times throughout the day and fall asleep thinking them at night…
* I am  OPEN  to receiving  Money from anywhere.*
* I now  RELEASE all limiting beliefs about how  Money can come to me.*
* I  CHOOSE to believe that  Money can come to me from anywhere.*
* I  DESERVE to receive Money from anywhere *
* Money comes to me now in  Miraculous and  Unexpected ways *
* I  am  GRATEFUL for the  Money  that comes to me in large amounts from anywhere*
OK, so get out your pen and start writing. Keep your Affirmations by your bedside…that is IF you really want to change how money comes to you.The possibilities are endless and ever expanding and YOU are deserving of receiving money from anywhere.
Many blessings for your prosperity and well being.
I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
In peace and joy,  Linda Miller
Linda Miller is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer and Spiritual Mentor.
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Healing Subconscious Memories Recording:

 This is a recording by Erika L Soul saying these Ho’oponopono cleaning words, along with very relaxing music.  Here are the words also.

 I’m sorry Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me, whatever memories are replaying in my subconscious mind that are interfering with me being at zero , one with the Divine at peace Allowing Divine Inspiration to come through and Guide me in Everything I think feel say and do
Right Click the link  and select “save target as” to download:

Healing Hypnosis Recording

 This is a very special recording made by Erika L Soul , half of the recording is a powerful life changing hypnosis script and the other half is Erika’s wonderful healing created in the moment. This process will help you to align with yourself and Divinity and shift old patterns of behaving , it takes you into a Theta state deep relaxation and all you have to do is allow yourself to go with the process and open up to a higher force from within.

Right Click the link and select “save target as” to download:

Healing Afformations by Erika L Soul

This is a recording of  Healing afformations Erika has created from many resources including Noah St. John Afformations, Abraham-Hicks and many of her own creations. The Afformations Method makes reaching your goals so much easier, because it uses your minds Automatic Search Function to discover positive answers to your new empowering questions. In this recording there are alot of afformations to help in aligning to the Source of all Love within you and creating and manifesting the future you desire.The backgroundhealing Music is by Jack Lim a Quigong Master living in Melbourne Australia , this cd of his is Breathe Easy and Deep Relaxation and he sends chi energy through the music to you which comes in to your meridian energy pathways to clear any unwanted energy away.

This is his website and you can listen to sample tracks and request a free sample cd of all his healing music.
Right Click the link  and select “save target as” to download:

HU SONG Recording

 Contemplation techniques come in almost limitless variations. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. Just to add to the variety, I would like to share a technique that works for me. One of the techniques or exercises I use is the HU,  a love song to God, a sound you sing out loud to lift yourself spiritually.

 The sound I use is called the HU (pronouced Hue). HU is an ancient name for God or Divine Spirit. It’s sung as a long drawn out note and comes out sounding like “Huuoooooooo….”. You can hear a sample of people singing HU by pressing the Play button below.
When sung with a feeling of love in the heart, it uplifts and helps to center oneself. You can sing it anytime inside your head mentaly if you wish. This can be very usefull in times of trouble, to help rise above whatever is causing problems, and get answers from your own inner guidance.
To sing HU, first get comfortable either sitting or lying down, with your hands in your lap or by your sides, and your feet uncrossed. Then place your attention on a spot between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. Think of some loving or happy experience you have had, and then sing HU in a long drawn out note. Sing it for as long as you feel comfortable. Generally at first no more than 20 minutes.
You may experience upliftment, see colours in your third eye area, or hear uplifting sounds, such as nature sounds or uplifting music. All of these are manifestations of divine love.
If you Live in Australia, you can request a FREE CD of the HU Song with a recording of hundreds of people singing HU together for  20 mins and also there are 11 tracks with information about the Hu and spiritual exercises you can do with the Hu. To receive your free Hu Cd either write to The Melbourne Eckankar Centre, at 10/3 Tuck Street, Moorabbin Victoria 3189, or phone  (03) 9532 0523 and leave a message with your name and address and they will send you the HU CD. If you live outside Australia then you can download a free 5min Hu recording or buy a $2 mp3 Hu recording from the Eckankar website, info below.
If you would like to download a 5 minute mp3 file of people singing HU, click Here to go to the Eckankar website, where there is a link to download the mp3 file. To buy the mp3  20min HU recording for $2 go to this link
If you have any questions about the HU or experiences that result from using it, you can contact me by clicking here
Click the Play button below to listen to the HU Song



Al Mc Allisters Ho’oponopono Audio Recording:
This is a recording by Al Mc Allister saying the Hooponopono phrases, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you” with very relaxing music in the background. Al’s website is
For more info on Hooponopono, go to  the Ho’oponopono Resources page. The recording  includes Mornah’s Prayer (the originator of updated S.I.T.H. Ho’oponopono)  and Al’s voice is very healing as he says the Ho’oponopono phrases.  (11mins)
*Right Click the link  and select “save target as” to download:


Ho’oponopono Cleaning song

 Ho’oponopono Cleaning song by “Sushumna” a Kirtan devotional singing group.
A beautiful song to help you do the cleaning of all thoughts feelings memories operating you that hold you back from the Divine within. They have made this song free to download as a gift. 
Right Click the link below and select “save target as” to download: