Theta Healing

Theta Healing
Erika is a fully trained and qualified Thetahealing Practitioner.
You can experience Theta Healing with SoulErika, by booking a Soul Energy Healing session, which includes Theta Healing and other modalities that SoulErika uses. Click Here to go to the home page to read all about Soul Energy Healing and/or to book a session. 
What is ThetaHealing?
        ThetaHealing is a beautiful healing technique that transforms limiting beliefs that maybe holding us back from living the life we truly desire. Our beliefs create our reality. With the assistance of this technique its possible to release memories stored in our cells of past trauma’s, as well as any beliefs we have taken on from others, society and our ancestors. Our old belief systems colour the way we react and respond to situations and stress and can negatively impact our health.
How it works.
        ThetaHealing releases and transforms the old belief systems, traumas and cellular memories that we no longer need or want. It replaces these with positive thoughts and feelings encoding them into our cells, subconscious, and DNA. Then we are free to live our lives free from past negative baggage and experience our true selves living in the present moment.
        Theta is a brain wave cycle of 4 -7 cycles per second. It’s very creative, spiritual, healing and relaxing. While in this brain wave state we connect to the higher spiritual realms to co-create with the Divine and witness healings for the client.
Its Origins
        Orian-ThetaHealing as it was first known has links to Orian energy, an ancient healing modality that has been brought into our modern era 12 years ago by Vianna Stibal the founder of Theta Healing. Vianna is a truly gifted healer who has done thousands of healings from her practice in Idaho USA on people with chronic and terminal diseases. Vianna has discovered that when you clear the unconscious blocks that hold a condition in place the body can instantly heal.
What can it do for you?
        You can manifest your dreams and create miracles in your life with ThetaHealing. It’s foundation is God’s unconditional love (or Divine Spirit, Creator, etc) and you can feel and experience this technique with ease and joy. Whether it’s a limiting belief, a trauma, a health issue or a relationship problem ThetaHealing can assist in transforming these into a new higher level of understanding and healing. With this divine technique we teach new feelings and empowering statements into every cell in your body and mind always with your permission first.
ThetaHealing also includes:
        – Activating Youth & Vitality chromosomes to regain their ability to rejuvenate
           and maintain a youthful body
        – DNA Activation
        – Facilitate genetic changes
        – Physical healing
        – Scanning the body
        – Manifesting our desires
        – Connecting us to our true selves
        – Energy Clearings on a person, object, home/building
        – Clearing negative energy ,entities, soul fragments, psychic debris
        – Future readings, Guardian angel & spirit guide readings
        – Healing emotional issues, clears self-sabotage blocks
        Vianna Stibal, the founder of Thetahealing, has released a Theta Healing book, which in effect is  a training manual for Thetahealing . This is on my Books page.
ThetaHealing Workshops

 Topics can include Clearing Sabotage, Money Career, Manifesting , relationships, connecting to the divine, DNA healing, Energy clearing, Clearing Beliefs, traumas, vibration locks.You will receive many downloads, belief busting and transformational healings.To book Erika to run this for your group contact Erika on 03 97294972 or email