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Go to Payment Cart Info and Details Section  to pay for any session  or service I provide

Go to my Google Availability Calendar to select a date and time for your session and then confrm it with me via phone text or email



Payment Cart Info and Details Section

Any product or services purchased from here, can be paid for in one of five ways:

1. By CREDIT or DEBIT Card via PAYPAL  Pay using your Visa/Mastercard Credit or Debit Card via PAYPAL (you do not need to be a member of Paypal to do this), or with your Paypal balance, if you are a member of Paypal.

2. For AUSTRALIAN Customers ONLY By DIRECT DEPOSIT to my BANK ACCOUNT    : Pay direct to my Bank Account using Online Banking or Direct Bank Deposit.

3. For INTERNATIONAL Customers ONLY  By International SWIFT BANK TRANSFER  to my BANK ACCOUNT     Use the International SWIFT bank transfer service, to deposit direct to my Bank Account.

4. By GIFT VOUCHER Pay with a GIFT VOUCHER purchased from this website. When paying by Gift Voucher, please be aware that YOUR NAME will HAVE TO MATCH UP to the NAME on a GIFT VOUCHER that has been Sold from this website, before the service will be provided. Tthis is usually straight forward, and is a check performed to prevent any abuse of the Gift Voucher system. Thank you for your Understanding.

5 For INTERNATIONAL Customers ONLY  By WESTERN UNION ,  that are UNABLE to use Paypal: Pay direct to my Bank account by Western Union.

The final step when you purchase any product or service on my site, is to add the item to the shopping cart by clicking the green   Add to Bag  button. Then you usually finalise your payment and/or shipping details, however you can continue exploring other products and services, before finalising  your purchases, by simply clicking  the green   Continue shopping  button.

This will allow you to continue browsing, and when you are ready to finalise your purchases, you can then click on the large White rectangular “Shopping Bag” image in the right sidebar of any page on the site. This will take you back to the item(s) you have already added to your shopping bag. Then you can complete your payment and/or shipping details for your purchase(s).

For any questions about my products or services or the cart itself, please email me on the link below. Please be as specific as possible, including the product or service name you are inquiring about. Thank you very much.    🙂       Erika


Session Time Availability with Erika L Soul and Booking a Session

Please read everything below, as it is important for both BOOKING and  selecting a TIME and DATE for  the session you want to have with Erika Thank you.

ALL    IN PERSON, PHONE and SKYPE  sessions with Erika have to be booked and confirmed with  Erika via phone sms or email, to arrange a date a time for the session. Payment for In Person sessions are usually in cash. Payments for phone and skype sessions are made via the shopping cart.

 Below is my Google Session AVAILABILITY  Calendar (click to see it)   It is NOT FOR booking a session

 It is ONLY for checking the times I am AVAILABLE for sessionsIt is updated regularly however it’s only an indicator of Erika’s availability. 

If you want to make a booking TIME immediately or the next day, please call or sms text Erika directly, thank you. (Click HERE for her phone number)

If emailing Erika it is wise to put in the Subject Line “I Want to Book IN for A SESSION” so your email is quickly attended to.






P.S Please read my Terms and Conditions BEFORE purchasing any of my services. Thank you.