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    Favourite Websites       
Hi, these are some of my favourite websites that I have found are very helpful for personal growth and other areas. Click on the heading to go to that website, Enjoy with love Erika L Soul
This is where THIS website first originated from!  It has evolved a lot since its humble beginnings, way back in 2003, especially with Michaels help.
It now has a full shopping cart for all the products I offer, and many more pages than it had right at the beginning (about 5 pages back then!)
If you have the need for a new website, I heartily recommend him, and of course I’m totally unbiased, even if he is my husband!  Seriously though, as I’m sure you can see from my website, he really does great work.
Because of all of Michael’s expertise and assistance, Rainbow Healings has evolved and become a vehicle for people’s healing and growth. It has assisted the many people who have come and visited this site often.  As a consequence, I have been able to offer my services via this website and it has supported all that I do in my healing practice.
These are both energy techniques for releasing negative emotions and phobias thru a method of tapping on acupunture points on the body. Be Set Free Fast is an instant form of EFT.
Florence Scovel Shinn has written extensively about the power of affirmations. Google Books has online copies of most of her books which you can read at your leisure. I Highly reccommended her work.
Mars and Venus Website This is John Gray’s website all about relationships. How to heal and foster loving relationships. A great site.
Awakening Dreams Art and Poetry This site has a lot of contemplative paintings by my partner Michael Woolcock. Each painting has a contemplation seed. A highly valuable website
Learning Strategies Paraliminals & The Ultimate You Library
A collection of individual CDs using our “Paraliminal” technology to help you make changes such as improving memory, freeing yourself from anxiety, losing weight, eliminating negative self-talk.
Theta Healing Theta healing is a healing modality for rapid transformation of belief systems that no longer serve us. Healing on the soul level for all of your energy bodies. To learn more about Theta Healing, Click Here to go to our Theta Healing page.
Z Point Process created by Grant Connoly Z Point provides clearing statements for emotions, beliefs, health and love.It is an offshoot of EFT, BSFF and uses a cue word to clear programs.
Use Nature Natural Health & Lifestyle Directory Body, Mind, Spirit >> find Practitioners, Clinics, Products, Colleges, Articles, Health News, Self Help Manuals, Peace Initiatives, Sustainable Living and more.UseNature offers FREE listings for practitioners, clinics, natural products and all non-profit human aid organisations.
Ho`oponopono is a process of letting go of toxic memories within you to allow the flow of Divine thoughts, words, deeds and actions to come through instead.To learn more about Ho’oponopono visit our Hooponopono & Hooponopono Resources pages.
Sacred G geometry technology creates a highly organized vibration which your cells use to vibrate at a higher frequency and the cycling of energy will continue within the designs .Visit this website for a free Pdf file of the designs you can print out and utilise.All information and tons of videos on the website enlighten you about Sacred G and its uses and more on health and energy. We love it !!
The One Command Discover higher new ways of thinking & being as you create new neuro-net pathways that disengage your brain from your programmed mind, and activate your intuitive creative intelligence.discover the true power of who you are in achieving your goals, dreams and success through The One Command.
Centerpointe Research Institute uses whole brainwave entrainment Audio technology called Holosync to enhance your ability to deal with life in a non stressfull and creative way.
Eckankar – The Religion of the Light and Sound of God is a new age religion that teaches about past lives, dreams and soul travel. 

Jo Dunning is a wonderful healer and teacher. You can sign up for her Abundance Breakthrough project on her website. She creates many healing recorded sessions for free listening, you can look her up on you tube and www.Worldpuja.com

Allysa Mary Rose Abundance of light is Alyssa Mary Rose’s website where she shares all her information on her cord cutting technique she has mastered and taught people.
Now, The Sedona Method can show you and your organization how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought, feeling or belief in the moment. This will free you to have, be or do whatever is best for you now. The Sedona Method liberates you without you needing to feel more pain and without having to figure out why.
Noah St.John created Afformations. AFFORMATIONS are empowering QUESTIONS that immediately change your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive- and allow you to manifest whatever you want twice as fast with half the effort. You can get 3 chapters free of his afformations book from this website.
Sony Crystal is a Psychic Counsellor For Women ~ Psychic Face Reader ~ Energy Healer located in Rowville Melbourne Aus. She has a beautiful website well worth a visit.
There is a Way This is  Alexander Wilon whose website has a lot of free healing tools, meditations and ho’oponopono. He lives in Canberra and will be offering a free healers course in 2010 . if you request a free healing online until he has more trained healers there is a long queue if you are patient it will happen.
ABRAHAM-HICKS . In 1985, Jerry and Esther Hicks began dialogs with Abraham, a name chosen by a group of nonphysical teachers, who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being. This site offers excerpts from workshop recordings since 1990, plus other news and announcements, to support your journey to all that is desired.
Whatisthesecret.tv This is the website for the Secret it has alot of free resources and fun stuff to do and lots to read thats very inspiring.
the secret


The Book Depository  A very handy website for finding great books at great prices without shipping costs. We love it and highly recommend it to people, a great find.

Most Benevolent Outcomes Tom T Moore’s website and blog for learning how to work with your angels, by using Most Benevolent Outcome statement in your life. Many remarkable stories of help people have received from using Most Benevolent outcomes.
LisaThom-Artworks Lisa’s artworks reflect her love of the natural world, as you can see in the vibrant and colourful paintings she has created. Have a look at her unique art on her website, you will be pleased you did. Enjoy.


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