Aquaware Water

     What is Aquaware Water?     


Aquaware water is water that has been programmed to achieve a specified effect when you drink it.

This is achieved by a Computer program called Aquaware 4.0 created by Peter Schenk. I have purchased the Aquaware 4.0 program, and for those people who do not have access to aquaware 4.0, I offer a service where I can Program your water for you. remotely, using a picture of your water containers. Because Aquaware 4.0 works on a Quantum level, it allows water to be programmed over any distance at all. So I can program your water where ever you are. All I need is a picture of your water container(s) to help me focus on your water while I program it with Aquaware.

To learn more about aquware 4.0  go to Peter Schenks Aquareware 4.0 page on his   website.  

As the information on Peter’s site mentions, you can select from more than 700 intents to program your water with.  

Download the whole Aquaware 700 plus Intent list

You can download the whole 700 plus intent list, by Right Clicking this 700 plus Intent link and selecting “save link as” or “save target as” or something similar depending on your browser.  

Then select the folder you want to save it to, and  then click the save button.

The intent list will automatically be save as a file named “AW4Intentindex.pdf” unless you changed the name before you clicked the save button. 

You can now browse the intent list you have saved to your hearts content.

The service I offer allows you to select from 1 up to a maximum of 7 intents that are programmed into your water for the issue(s), situations or even something you wish to manifest.

I have to create your Aquaware water using the Built in Intent(s), a Custom intent or a Quantum Layereing Session for you, from the intent(s) you select, from the in the Aquaware 4.0 Intent list.. 

The cost for this service is $40 as it takes some time to create the 7 Intent Quantum Layering Session, and then more time to actually program your water with your intents.

To order This service

1. Download the Aquaware 700 plus Intent List above, so you can see what Intent are available to you, and which ones you want to use.

2. Please contact me first, as I can help to intuit the best intents for your water. We can do this via Facebook Chat  or by email:

3. Send me a Picture of your water bottle(s), filled with water and ready to be programmed either via  Facebok Chat or email:

4. Pay for the service by clicking the link below:

    Order Aquaware Water Programming Payment Cart

Below is a picture of Aquaware 4.0 in operation, embedding the intent of “cleanse and Rejuvenate – General” in my water.




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