Erika L Soul: Facilitator of Soul Energy Healings, Readings, Access Bars, Quantum K, Qigong and Dowsing

Hi And Welcome to my Website, this is my Home page where I have listed alot of my services for you to easily see what I offer. My About Me information is on another page and if you CLICK HERE you can read up on who I am and my background. If you have some questions about my services or want to enquire about making a  booking simply contact me by email or phone, or skype or facebook, my details are listed below in many places.

Thankyou, Enjoy and God Bless, Erika L Soul.

*Divine Angel Readings *Soul Energy Healings  *Energy Readings *Theta healing
*Angel Healings *Palm Readings *Energy Healing *Energy Dowsing
*House & Building Energy healings *QIGONG program
*Quantum K  *Access Bars Sessions *Most Benevolent Outcomes  *Ho’oponopono *Forgiveness Work *Inner Child Healing 
*Mental Health  *Emotional wellbeing  *Self Esteem *healing Trauma
*Clearing  Spiritual ~ Mental ~ Emotional blockages
*Manifesting techniques *Energy Healing tools
*Spiritual Healing *Spiritual Development *Spiritual Counselling 
*Money & Finances *Business ~ Work ~ Career *Life purpose
* Love LIFE Readings *Family *Healing Relationships *Children 
*Spiritual guides & Masters  *Guided Spiritual Journeys *Past lives, dreams *Karma

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    * 15 Minute Sessions with Soul Erika *    

15 MINUTE SESSIONS are now being offered for Readings and Healings, these are short sessions in which together we focus on what you are experiencing and wanting to clarify and change. At this time they are available only in person and payment is by cash only. Please contact me by phone or email to book in and you can check my availability on my calendar via the Bookings/Payment page. Call Erika on 0411798393 or 03 8609 1645, or email

   * 15 Minute Healings *  

15min Healings are an Energy Healing session with Erika L Soul in person only in her Reading~Healing Room in Boronia Melbourne. During this 15 mins Erika will give you an Energy Healing session as you stand in front of her and clear what you are willing to release. Cost $30.

   * 15 Minute Readings *  

15min Readings are a Reading with Erika L Soul in person only in her Reading~Healing Room in Boronia Melbourne, cost is $30. Readings can be any style including Angel Reading, Tarot, Palm Reading, LoveLife, and be on any topic you choose.



    * Divine Angel READINGS with Soul Erika *    

Soulerika gives Readings tailored to each person needs in that moment and has many ways of giving a reading to suit that person and their enquiry, it may be a tarot reading, a palm reading , a spiritual reading or energy reading that you receive, if there is a style you prefer you can request this. Each reading becomes an open door for you to walk through if you choose to another level of understanding yourself and your situation or issue.
The readings can be transformational for you as each minute you can receive all that you require to transform yourself and your life, it is up to you what you allow yourself to receive and transform. Much goes on in a session that is beyond what is physically occuring and being said that is an energetic transmission that you receive if you are open to it and this can then be accessed by you at any time in the future as knowledge knowingness truth answers.

  Bookings, Times & Rates and Payment Methods To book any of the readings below call Erika on 0411798393 or 03 8609 1645, or email Payment for any of the readings below can be made by Paypal (instant payment), OR thru Internet Banking (Takes 2 days), by clicking thru to my : Please note that payment in advance is required for Readings by Phone, Skype or Distance.

*A Reading for 30 mins  In Person, Phone, Skype is $60.

*A Reading for 45 mins  In Person, Phone, Skype is $75.

*A  Reading for  90 mins  In Person, Phone,Skype is $120.

*Please Note : Extra time is charged at $15 for each extra 15 mins*


      * Rainbow Healings Consultation with Soul Erika *      


A Rainbow Healings Consultation with Erika L Soul is a one price session for $88, this session covers everything I offer: Either In Person,  By phone or via a skype session. This is for those who are not sure what session to book and for what time and price and for those who simply want a Consultation with Erika L Soul. This is a Transformational Healing Energy Reading session. There is no set time and no extra costs. 

Payment is via my shopping cart, by credit or debit card via Paypal or in Australia ONLY, by Online Banking






 Healing with the Angels
The Power and Energy of the All
Healing within a loving Vortex of Energy
Dynamic Healing at the Soul level
Experience Healing Miracles
                   Awaken and Heal Your Life                       Soul Energy Haling        ** Healing~Teaching~Guidance **

This is Transformational Healing that works on all levels of your being. Each session is a Creative journey  for you with SoulErika, yourself, your spiritual helpers and guided by the Divine.  Move into higher states of consciousness easily and divinely by loving, accepting and releasing the load that you are carrying.  We do this the happy gentle Way. In this Spiritual healing session we will use various healing modalities to clear your mind~body~spirit of negative energy, beliefs, blocks and emotional baggage. Experience an improvement in yourself and your life by Releasing the past.

Healing techniques that may be used in your session in any combinations are: Energy Dowsing, Theta healing, Abundance of Light Cord cutting Healing, Angelic Healing, Access Consciousness Clearings, Ho’oponopono,Vibrational Healing, plus many more healing tools that SoulErika has in her toolkit.

A divine recipe for you is created with healing processes that work well with your state of consciousness. Before your session take note of any issues that surface or any happenings. As well reflect on what you may want to release transform or experience and bring this with you.

Your session starts from the moment you are booked in with SoulErika. After the session your new journey begins, and feel free to call or email Erika with anything you want to share that’s happened  for you. You can have this session in person which is preferable if you can, or it can be conducted over the phone or via skype. If you can attend in person, then these sessions are held in SoulErika’s  private practice room in Boronia.

 You can also have 2 options with your Soul Energy Healing Session

 1. Optionally Include a whole Month of Qigong Pro Tools
To find out all about the Qigong Protools  CLICK HERE 
There are 19 Pro Tools available to select from to  to address your issue.
You will receive a selection of these 19 Qigong Pro Tools listed below that are directly related to your Soul Energy Healing Session.
Issue Solver Tool, Elemental Scanner Tool, Dispenser Tool, Recharger Tool, Aura Scanner Tool, Field Generator Tool, Acupuncture Panel Tool, Emotions Panel Tool, Super Charger Tool, Qi Gong Panel Tool, Sustanance Balancer Tool, Mediator Tool, Yes Therapy Tool, Light Panel Tool,  Timeline Tool, Soul Imaging tool, Pathogen Panel, Reiki Panel Tool and the Prayer Warrior Tool (this tool has 5 windows all by itself!)
A selection of these Qigong PRO Tools, working for you throughout the month that suit your needs. The cost for this optional extra is $40, normally $50.
2. Optionally Include a Personalised Healing Qigong program 
This Personalised Energy  Healing Qigong Cocktail will send healing energies to you, many times a week for a whole month, to help clear the isuues addressed in your Soul Energy Healing Session.  To learn more about the Qigong program Click Here, then come back to this page. Cost $30 ($10 discount)
        A 90 mins Soul Energy Healing session is  $120, a 45 mins  Soul Energy session is $75.
 * Booking a Soul Energy Healing Session


Bookings, Times & Rates and Payment Methods

To book any of the Healing sessions below call Erika on    0411 798 393 or 03 8609 1645 or email Payment for any of the Healing sessions below can be made by Paypal (instant payment), OR thru Internet Banking (Takes 2 days)  Please note that payment in advance is required for Healing sessions conducted by Phone or Skype.Soul Energy Healing session- 45 mins , In Person, By Phone, Skype is $75

Soul Energy Healing session- 90 mins , In Person, By Phone, Skype is $120. * Please Note : Extra time is charged at $15 for each extra 15 mins*

   Soul Energy Healing Session VIA DISTANCE  

You can be anywhere in the world and receive Soul Energy Healing.
Receive Transformational Energy Healing on whatever you want your healing session to focus on. You will receive Energy and Healing Support assisting you to create positive change in any area of your life.



I, Erika L Soul will be facilitating Energy work on your behalf which may include Energy Dowsing, Cutting cords, Theta healing, a QiGong Cocktail or Individual Pro Tools running on my QiGong Energy Enhancer program, or any other healing Processes or Healing Tools that I have in my healing toolkit that are beneficial also. Whatever I am guided to run or do for you with your healing item will be facilitated. Whatever group QiGong Energy cocktail programs, that I am currently running that can benefit your situation I will add your name into. This is all without you present so it is absent healing.

I facilitate Soul Energy Healing via your Name and a photo of you. Please send your  photo to me via email, face book messenger or skype. Your healing focus, issue or situation, for your session, will be entered in the shopping cart when you order this soul energy healing via distance session..

The minimum cost for this service is $60, so its affordable for everyone and so I ask that you please pay what you can afford to give, up to the maximum amount of $120. Thank you.



   Manifesting Miracles Session with Soul Erika  
 A 1.5 hour OR 45 minute Manifesting Magnificent Miracles Session with me Soul Erika.

Your Healing Session can be done In person, by Normal phone or via Skype. In person sesions are done in my Therapy room in Melbourne, Australia. My time zone is 10 hours ahead of GMT time. (London time)

This session is designed to bring in your desire of what you want to have do or be into manifestation. During the session we will clear all the unwanted energy thoughts beliefs holding you back from your desire until it is now manifesting in your reality.

We will use a variety of healing methods and manifesting techniques to do this. Learn how to live and dwell in your Vortex. Become a powerful manifestor of all that you desire to have do or be. Align with the Energy that creates Universes. During the session divine guidance is used to see into the issues and the causes of the blocks so as to release them from you.

At the end of the session we do a reading to confirm your future manifestation. Let go of all limitations and illusions you have and be set free fast. Learn how to let go and let the divine work through you. Be all that you can dream . SoulErika will assist you in this powerful transformation.

Learn manifesting techniques simply and easily and use them in your life to co-create miracles. Watch as your life becomes the Magnificent life you always desired and you become the Masterful Magnificent You that you really are.

A 45 minute Miracles session costs $75 and a 1.5 hour Miracles session costs $120 Click the link immediately below to book a session.



   Soul Energy Healing & Qigong Monthly Package  

angel_answer_cardsThis Soul Energy Healing and Qigong Monthly Healing Package includes the following services for a whole month of healing and transformation.:

1. A 45 Minute Soul Energy Healing session with Soul Erika (see above for description of this session) Value $75

2. A Personalised Qigong Healing Cocktail program. Click here  (opens a new window), to see a description of this service. Value $40

3. A selection of the 19  Qigong Pro Tools directly related to your Soul Energy Healing session, run for you throughout the month. Click Here (opens a new window), to find out all about the Qigong Pro Tools. Value $50

This includes a selection the following 19 Qigong Tools

Issue Solver Tool, Elemental Scanner Tool, Dispenser Tool, Recharger Tool, Aura Scanner Tool, Field Generator Tool, Acupuncture Panel Tool, Emotions Panel Tool, Super Charger Tool, Qi Gong Panel Tool, Sustanance Balancer Tool, Mediator Tool, Yes Therapy Tool, Light Panel Tool,  Timeline Tool, Soul Imaging tool, Pathogen Panel, Reiki Panel Tool and the Prayer Warrior Tool (this tool has 5 windows all by itself!)

The monthly cost for this service is $120. You may purchase this from 1 to 3 months duration, when you click thru to the shopping cart, by simply selecting your choice of 1 to 3 months, under the “Please select the number of Months you wish to have this service”  drop down menu. 




   * ACCESS BARS Sessions with Soul Erika   

   What is Access Bars?       BARS on our head represent specific life areas: money, sexuality, creativity, control, body, ageing, joy etc. These BARS are energised by gentle hands on energy work to release old thought patterns to reveal a refreshing new concept of life.This process is for everyone, Adults, Children, Elderly and Pets.To get more details about BARS go to this page on my website for it Access Bars page 

ACCESS BARS Sessions I As a Access Bars practitioner for many years I have alot of experience and training in running Bars for people. I give Access Bars sessions in my Rainbow Healings practice Room in Boronia, Melbourne, Australia. Much can be cleared and changed in a Bars session.

 *  Booking your ACCESS BARS Session * Bookings, Times & Rates and Payment Methods   Payment for an Access Bars session is usually in person in cash when you have your Bars run. You can also make payment prior to your Bars Session via Paypal (instant payment),or thru Internet Banking (Takes 2 days) If you would like to book a session with me you may call      0411 798 393 or 03 8609 1645, or sms text, or email

Access Bars session, A full session is approx 90 mins and this is an In Person *ONLY* session.  A normal Bars session price is $90. For Dependant Children, Pensioners s the price is $60.  BARS Practioners are $70.  I offer First time Bars Sessions for 45 mins for $45, this is to get a good experience of having your Bars run without the cost of a full session. You can choose anytime  a shorter session of 45 mins if that is what suits your budget.






This is a COMBINED  Soul Energy Healing 45 min Session with Erika L Soul and a Full Access Bars session. Please click these Soul Energy Healing and Full Access Bars session links to find out all the info about these types of sessions. We are offering a discount for booking these two services together, the 2 hour session costs $150.

* Booking a Bars and Soul Energy Healing Session 

Bookings, Times & Rates and Payment Methods

To book a session call Erika on 0411798393 or 03 8609 1645 or email Payment for the session can be PrePaid and made by Paypal (instant payment), OR thru Internet Banking (Takes 2 days). You may also pay at your session.

Combined Soul Energy Healing & Access Bars session for aprox 2 hrs 15 mins  is $150.


    *   ENERGY MAKEOVERS with Soul Erika   
I offer two  Energy makovers. A Personal Energy makeover and a Home Energy Makeover. They are both described below.  You may also purchase both makeovers and receive a bonus of a Free Energy Transposing Unit. This unit is described here (opens a new window),  If after reading about the both energy makovers below, and you want to purchase both, including the Free Energy Transposing Unit, simply click the red “Book both Energy Makeovers with Bonus” link immediately blow.
Would you Love an Eblue-star-of-soulnergy Makeover ???? An Energy MakeOver is where all the energy that’s not serving you is changed and transformed into Pure Positive Energy. This includes all of your Energy bodies and chakras, and raising your levels of consciousness, love, vibration and overall Energy !!!! This transmutes negative emotions stored in your cells into harmony and Love. The cells in your body then are compatible with each other and your life force and level of love in your body go to 100%. You can then have a fresh new start with clear postive good Energy enhancing you and your LIFE. This is done for you on an individual basis so that your Energy is wonderfully Transformed and Energised, an Energy UPGRADE.
Your Energy Makeover will be facilitated for you and may take from 1 – 3 days to complete.  I am guided to the Energy Processes and Tools for you that will give you the Energy Makeover that is most beneficial for you. These tools and processes may include Deep Pendulum Clearing, Energy Dowsing,  Brain Balance Healing, SRC4U ProTools, Energy Cord Cutting and any Energy Healing processes in my tool kit I am guided to facilitate for you. Your Energy Clearing & Enhancing Session is all done remotely on your behalf. When it is complete within a day or so I will contact you and share what you received as Energy Work, which will be only a brief summary and you will have received way more than I can share to you. The cost for this service is $60.
Simply request this service by Clicking the link below, The cost for this service is $60.
  house icon on green grass meadowThis is Energy work for your home changing the Energy in your home to be 100% Beneficial. this Energy Makeover is faciliated by me Erika L Soul from a distance. The Energy in your home is being cleansed, purified, transmuted into harmonious beneficial life enhancing energies. The level of Consciousness of your home will also rise, this will be a quantum shift and one that affects your energy also. I set up this Energy work to continue for as long as possible. Getting a Personal Energy Makeover is also beneficial as your energy affects your home and vice versa. I will check the level of how healthy your home is before I begin the Energy work and when its 100% healthy your home Energy makeover is complete.
I will be facilitating for your home what is listed here and any other Energy Enhancement Tool I have that I am guided to use such as SRC4U Pro Tools, Aura Scan Clean and Strengthen, the SRC4U Pro Tool Perverse Energies Reversal, Ho’oponopono Cleansing, “Dowsing Energy Blessing” over an Entire Home, Daily Dowsing List which includes many energy clearings, Energy Dowsing of your home also includes : Adjusting the frequency of the Building to its ideal frequency, and adjusting it to the frequency of Prosperity, Raising the Energy and vibration up to the highest most beneficial level, Checking the level of Love and raising it to 100%. Energy Dowsing of Deep Pendulum Clearing.
What is required is your name address and if possible a photo of your home if you can send it via email to me. If you would like to discuss this Home Energy Makeover then feel free to call me on the phone, skype or facebook calling. You can include any problems you are having within your home or property, any questions contact me. The cost for this service is $60.
This is an Energy Makeover for a building, shop, business, centre, organisation, farm or property, factory, etc; basically any place that is not a Personal Energy Makeover or a Home Makeover.
This cost includes installing an Energy Transposing Unit within the property (value $30), all Energy dowsing facilitated, all Energy healing Processes and SRC4U Pro Tools I facilitate for your Property Energy Makeover. This may also include an SRC4U Quigong Cocktail for a Building/Business/Property if I find your place requires extra ongoing Energy work. (value $40). The name and address of the place is required and a photo if possible.  The full cost for this service is $120.
   * QUANTUM K Sessions with Soul Erika   

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 01 14.32

Quantum K  is based on the combination of sound, colour, fractal geometry, harmonics and symbols and accesses the Zero Point Energy Field. The original system Quantum K is based upon, was created by Brian Tuner, then modified by Andrew Kemp into its current form.







   * Energy Dowsing Sessions with Soul Erika  
In Person, by Skype or by Phone Dowsing Sessions  
An Energy Dowsing session is where we use dowsing to facilitate the energy changes you want to have. Any specific issues you may have can also be addressed with Energy dowsing including finances, work, career, health, money, family, relationships, self sabotage, abuse of any kind, trauma, victimhood, emotional and/or mental imbalances, negativity, fears, love life, stress, brain health, self esteem self confidance, energy clearing, unhappiness. A dowsing session include a Deep Pendulum Clearing of a list of 60 items, Brain Balance Healing, Prosperity Dowsing, Energy Balancing.

Dowsing sessions are also available via distance work for an agreed donation contact Erika to arrange cost and what will be included depending on your requirements.

     * Booking an Energy Dowsing Session  *   

Booking Times, Rates and Payment Methods.

To book an In Person by Skype or Phone dowsing session, call Erika on 0411798393 or 03 8609 1645 or   email 45 min Sessions cost : $75 or 90min sessions cost $120.

Payment for any type of dowsing session can be made by Paypal (instant payment), OR thru Internet Banking (Takes 2 days) To book a session click the link below.




   *  Install an Energy Transposing Unit with Soul Erika *   
Energy Transposing Unit ONLY Installation 
The Energy Transposing Unit is energetically installed in your building of choice e.g.home, workplace or building  that will continuously be transforming all non beneficial energies into beneficial energies. This is done via Energy Dowsing.
This works best if you can accept this is installed and working continuously transposing all non beneficial energies within the home or building into beneficial energies. Anything blocking this unit being installed is also cleared via dowsing, and it is checked that it is fully installed 100%,  and that you are allowing this fully, and accepting this is DONE. All non beneficial energies are gathered from all that come through the home or building at any time now or in the future and transposed into beneficial energies. All negative attitudes are changed to postive attitudes and enhances with unconditional love. All Beneficial energies are spread throughout the air land water and buildings on all levels. The site will be self cleansing require no energy maintenance and be permanent.


I have written about installing one of these units in many of my exploits with energy. It can be installed remotely or on-site, whilst in your Dowsing Mode. Think of it as a type of car wash, it runs on energy instead of water, and will transpose any non-beneficial energies into beneficial energies, on any designated area of land, including any water or buildings on that property.

Energy Transposing Unit with Extras Installation 

You can also purchase an Energy Transposing Unit with extra clearings. The extras are basically a MINI version of my “Home Energy Makeover Service”  Click here to see a description of it. (opens a new window).  If you would love extra special clearings and dowsing and Pro Tools as well as the Energy Transposing Unit, you can have this option. The cost for the Energy Transposing Unit and Extras is $60. I will look up your property on google and if I can’t find it then a photo you can send me will assist in checking the energy of your property, however this is not essential. The extra’s will be what I am guided to do for your property and I will dowse on what the levels of energy are and then select what will be beneficial to facilitate. By doing all of this before I install the Energy Transposing Unit it can get to work and do its job much faster from a clearer healthier space.

The extras I include will be chosen from the list below and any other healing tools I have that I feel would be beneficial.

  1. Joey Korn’s ‘Blessing over an Entire Home.  (I do this with Dowsing See my Dowsing page Here – opens a new window) 
  2.  SRC4U Pro Tools Aura Scan Clean and Strengthen.  (see Here for explanation – opens a new window)
  3. SRC4U Pro Tool Perverse Energies Reversal. (see Here for explanation – opens a new window)
  4. Deep Pendulum Clearing.   (see Here for explanation – opens a new window)
  5. Adjusting the frequency of the Building to its ideal frequency, and adjusting it to the frequency of Prosperity. (I do this with Dowsing See my Dowsing page Here – opens a new window) 
  6. Raising the Energy and vibration up to the highest most beneficial level.   (I do this with Dowsing See my Dowsing page Here – opens a new window) 
  7. Checking the level of Love in the Building and raising it to 100%.  (I do this with Dowsing See my Dowsing page Here – opens a new window)


* Book to Install your Energy Transposing Unit * 

house icon on green grass meadowIf you wish to have this installed in your home, workplace or building contact me to arrange this. I will need the full actual address of the place and your permission to install this. Payment for the Energy Transposing Unit ONLY  by itself costs $30..  The Energy Transposing Unit with Extras costs  $60.  You can make these payments via Paypal, with a credit card.To book this service,  click the pink link below, then proceed with the remainder of instructions in the shopping cart page. Thank you.



   * QIGONG Sessions with the Energy Enhancer program   

For centuries Qi Gong has been known to enhance relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs. The literal translation of Qi Gong: “life energy cultivation”. Sounds good! Today we can enhance the effects of Qi Gong using 21st Century Technology. It’s called QIGONG Energy Enhancer program.

QIGONG Energy Enhancer program is the merging of an ancient art that works with today’s technology into a first to market software program that is easy to use and easy to own. Run the software on yourself or those closest to you and discover a new system and a new way to dombat the stress of today’s fast paced world! Just as proper exercise and nutrition have always contributed to being healthier and feeling more balanced, adding Qi Gong enhancing software to your daily regimen can have a profoundly positive effect on your personal “life energy cultivation.”

The QIGONG Energy Enhancer program acts as a sending board to send a person  healing energies on whatever you enter into it, and sends the energies of any Healing Modality energetically to the person, and intuits what that person requires each time.

The QIGONG Energy Enhancer program creates what is called a COCKTAIL file of all your issues and the modalities and therapies used to address your issues.  Each time the QIGONG Energy Enhancer program runs, as mentioned above, the program intuits what energies are needed/transmitted to the person at the time it runs, so that your treatment is always relevant to your state of health at the time it runs.. 

To learn more about what this QIGONG Energy Enhancer program is you can visit their Website Here 

SoulErika has created 8 types of QIGONG cocktails that you can sign up for.These are as follows:

1. HO’OPONOPONO Cleansing Memories Qigong Cocktail
3. MONEY PROSPERITY Qigong Cocktail
4. Individual – HO’OPONOPONO Cleaning Personalised Qigong Cocktail
5. Individual – HEALING Personalised Qigong Cocktail
6. Individual – MONEY PROSPERITY Qigong Cocktail
7. Individual – Personalised MANIFESTING MIRACLES Qigong Cocktail 
8. Individual – HOUSE / BUILDING / PLACE Clearing & Charging Qigong Cocktail

Each of the above QIGONG cocktails are descibed on Erika’s QIGONG page, where you can sign up for any one of them.




The QIGONG pro tools are a part of the Qigong Energy Enhancer program. They consist of 19 tools as follows: Issue Solver Tool, Elemental Scanner Tool, Dispenser Tool, Recharger Tool, Aura Scanner Tool, Field Generator Tool, Acupuncture Panel Tool, Emotions Panel Tool, Super Charger Tool, Qi Gong Panel Tool, Sustanance Balancer Tool, Mediator Tool, Yes Therapy Tool, Light Panel Tool, Timeline Tool, Soul Imaging tool, Pathogen Panel, Reiki Panel and the Prayer Warrior.

Click here for more info on each Pro Tool (opens a new window) 

I provide  two services, “QIGONG protools run monthly” and “QIGONG protools by self selection” Both of these services are described below with links to book them if you wish.



This service gives you a selection of the QIGONG 19 Pro Tools  listed below, run for you, based on the issue(s) you nominate. The selected Pro Tools will run for for you throughout the month, for  the number of months you select. 

Here are the 19 Pro Tools:

Issue Solver Tool, Elemental Scanner Tool, Dispenser Tool, Recharger Tool, Aura Scanner Tool, Field Generator Tool, Acupuncture Panel Tool, Emotions Panel Tool, Super Charger Tool, Qi Gong Panel Tool, Sustanance Balancer Tool, Mediator Tool, Yes Therapy Tool, Light Panel Tool, Timeline Tool, Soul Imaging tool, Pathogen Panel, Reiki Panel and the Prayer Warrior.

The cost for this service is $50 per month.

BOOK THE SRC4U Pro Tools Run Monthly



You can also choose from 1 to 3 pro tools of YOUR choice from the descriptions below of each Tool, to address from 1 to 3 issues of your choice.The  ProTool(s) you select will be run as many times for you as I am guided to run them for, over a week or so.  The cost for this service is as follows based on how many Pro Tools you select:: 1  Pro Tool $15,   2 Pro Tools $25,  and 3 Pro Tools $35.



BOOK  Individual PRO TOOLS by Self Selection





Aquaware water is water that has been programmed to achieve a specified effect for you when you drink it.

This is achieved by a Computer software program called Aquaware 4.0 created by Peter Schenk. I have purchased the Aquaware 4.0 program, and for those people who do not have access to aquaware 4.0. I offer a service where I can Program your water for you. remotely, using a photo of your water containers, which can be as many as you like. Because Aquaware 4.0 works on a Quantum level, it allows water to be programmed over any distance at all. So I can program your water where ever you are. All I need is a picture of your water container(s) to help me focus on your water while I program it with Aquaware. Click my Aquaware page here (opens a new window), to find out all about Aquaware water.

  * To have your Water Programmed with Aquaware * 

Aquareware allows you to program your water from more than 700 built in intents. You can download the list of these 700 plus intents when you click the booking link below. It also allows the creation of custom Intents and the layering of up to a maximum of 7 Intents into the same water. Doing this does take some skill and experience with Aquaware, which is where I come in to assist you in divining what specific intents are best for you now after some consultation with you.

The cost of this service is $40, and is negotiable depending on your requirements. To enable me to program your water, I need to discuss with you what your needs are and what to program your water with, and also to have a picture of your water bottles. To do this you can contact me via Facebook Chat or via email:  Click the booking link below to get started.




   *  EMOTION CODE Session with SoulErika *   


Emotion Code : How to Release Your Trapped Emotions for Abundant Health, Love and Happiness

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties. Filled with real-world examples from many years of clinical practice, The Emotion Code is a distinct and authoritative new work that is destined to become an instant classic on self-healing.

Click Here to go to my Emotion Code page for more information.

Click this Emotion Code Ebook link (opens a new window) to download the ebook of the emotion code book by Dr Bradley Nelson.


 * Booking an Emotion Code Session * 

I offer two Emotion Code Healings Sessions. One is 45 mins for $75 and the other is 90 mins.for $120.These sesions can be done in my Healing room in Melbourne Australia, by phone or via Skype. Simply click the link below nto bookm a session with me Erika L Soul.




    *  PROSPERITY GOLD COIN by SoulErika *   


This real money coin is energetically imprinted with the Spirit of Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth.  It is a Lucky Money Coin and a Magnet for Money designed to attract Money, lucky opportunities, financial blessings, Work, and more prosperity and wealth into your life. It is a Divine Money Miracles manifestor ! It is drawing in the energy of Abundance, increasing the flow of abundance and increasing the amount you are allowing yourself to receive.

It helps to release your resistance to financial wellbeing and transmutes old mental and emotional blocks to your success, prosperity, money and happiness. The energy of this coin will attune you to the Energy of Money and be a Money Attractor, bringing forth Divine Money Miracles.  Embedded and energised into the Coin are Divine Energy Processes and Prosperity Blessings. The Coin contains a powerful thought form for clearing Money issues and attracting the right work and income for you. You can place it on your third eye to really activate its healing properties.






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Erika L Soul: Facilitator of Soul Energy Healings, Readings, Access Bars, Quantum K, Qigong and Dowsing — 5 Comments

  1. Hi I am looking for some one to do face, palm or tea leaf reading for a group for a kitchen tea party

    • Yes I can do this one to one readings with palm or face readings, I have done home party ones as well as public venues over the years many times before, so just give me a call to discuss it or email.. Are you in Melbourne as that would be the thing to make sure first we are in the same area !!!

      thankyou Erika L Soul


  2. This is Avinash from India I am a Reiki healer but when I try to heal any one or my self I don’t feel any thing I feel blockage please do something for me so I can feel free flow of the Energy some time I feel blockage in my few chakras

  3. Sending you and your country loving energy at this difficult time….peace to you Erika….

  4. I feel that my brain is functioning more fully since Erika did an energy brain healing. The "brain fog" seems to have gone away.

    The pain in my ear, throat, lower abdomen, top of my left foot are gone. Pain in other areas have dimenished. If I hadn't had this healing for myself I would have probably been more skeptical. Erika's soul energy healing is miraculous. It is Divine Magic. Thank you.